General Medicine

With a dedicated team of doctors in the realm of General Medicine and its allied technical systems and support this department presents world class diagnostic and therapeutic service round the clock to the patients under the following segments

Dr. Afaf Ali Jummah (M.B.B.S)
General Practitioner
& Medical Director
Dr. Sarath Sasi (M.B.B.S)
General Practitioner
⊶    Specialized Diabetes consultation .
⊶    Blood pressure management.
⊶    ECG
⊶    Pulmonary Function Test
⊶    Nebulisation.
⊶    IV therapy
⊶    Injections
⊶    Backache management
⊶    Sprain and Fracture management
⊶    Cut Injury suturing
⊶    Wound / Burn dressing
⊶    Treatment for piles
⊶    Incision and drainage for minor abscesses
⊶    Aspiration of abscesses
⊶    Excision of small masses
⊶    Foreign body removal
⊶    Diabetic foot management
⊶    Preventive healthcare check up
We are happy to introduce the key professionals who are the back bone of this department.