Department of Paediatrics

Pediatric department of Hala Medical Centre attracts the patients due to its child friendly services. It provides comprehensive care to children of all ages. We are premier to pediatric unit that provides age specific care to children from birth age to age 13. We strive to make this difficult time as easy as possible. We work with parents to make hospitalization less traumatic by encouraging family involvement and providing a base for family centered care. Patient and parent education is a key component to health and healing and is a corner stone to our care.

Dr. Hazem Fanoos
Specialist – Paediatrician

Our Paediatrics department provides following important clinical services

⊶    General Paediatric Consultation.
⊶    Growth and development monitoring
⊶    Allergic & Respiratory Conditions in children
⊶    Management of Acute & Chronic illness in children
⊶    Well Baby Care
⊶    Growth & Development Monitoring
⊶    Nutritional advice and diet chart for children
⊶    Immunization and vaccination in children
⊶    Genetic consultation for parents
⊶    Short tem hospitalization for acutely ill childre